BBCOS Art & Tech Deton-Up Remover Shine 100ml

Deton-Up Remover Shine

It is the BBCOS acid reducing, developed to remove oxidation hair colors. 
detoneUp remover & shine boasts a highly selective formula than the artificial pigments of oxidation dyes, 
reducing their size and making it easier to escape from the cuticle, but without changing substantially the 
natural hair structure. The treatment with detoneUp is able to lift up 2 tones, but thanks to its remarkable 
delicacy, if the result does not meet, the process can be repeated up to 3 times to get a better removal of 
artificial color. 

Important note:

• It does not act on the hair’s natural melanin (natural color) or on direct pigment dyes (COLORTRIBE).
• The acid reducing treatment does not replace the traditional oxidation bleaching.

Package contents

detoneUp fase 1, 100 ml (3,38 fl. oz.)
detoneUp fase 2, 100 ml (3,38 fl. oz.)
detoneUp shampoo, 100 ml (3,38 fl. oz.)
detoneUp neutralizer, 100 ml (3,38 fl. oz.)

How to use

1. Prepare the hair by cleansing with detoneUp shampoo;
2. Dab the water excess;
3. Mix detoneUp Phase 1 with detoneUp Phase 2 with ratio 1:1. Example: 50 ml detoneUp phase 1 + 50 ml
detoneUp phase 2;
4. Apply the mixture as quickly as possible;
5. Cover with a plastic shower cap and leave on for 20’ possibly under a heat source;
6. Rinse thoroughly with water and wipe with detoneUp shampoo;
7. Apply detoneUp neutralizer and comb, then rinse with water.

When the process is finished, if the result does not satisfy, can be repeated, otherwise proceed as wished.

Professional product.



BBCOS Art & Tech Deton-Up Remover Shine 100ml
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