Smoothing treatment

A blend of rice and bamboo extracts combined with natural hydrolyzed keratin, they work in synergy with the myPlex technology, to guarantee a safer, healthier and more natural result. The particular fluid consistency and the spray dispenser facilitate and speed up the application allowing to modulate the necessary quantity of the product directly on the hair. Different laying time and number of passes of the hair straightener guarantee an ad hoc result on every type of hair. In a single product you get an absolute smoothness, reduce the volume and control of the frizz.

Rice and bamboo extracts:
active ingredients of natural origin that increase the elasticity of the hair and strengthen the hair fiber.
Keratin hydrolyzate:
active ingredient of natural origin that nourishes and hydrates the hair fiber giving it body.
MyPlex technology:
(sodium laneth-40 maleate / styrene sulfonate copolymer) protects and restructures the hair fiber.

By applying the product and leaving it in place respecting the times shown in the table, the active ingredients wrap the hair creating a film-forming film. Thanks to the passing of the straightener the film is fixed to the hair and upon contact with heat it gives a surprising smooth effect. In the post-treatment period, while drying with the hair dryer, the thermal stimulus acts by awakening the active ingredients and bringing the hair back to a smooth state.

DURATION: about 3 months.
It may vary depending on the state of your hair and the cosmetic products used during the washings following the treatment.

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