Innovation Enhancing Color Shampoo

Shampoo enriched with coloured pigments. Enhances both natural and tinted
hair, boosting color and shine. Cleans thoroughly and leaves hair free form
impurities, healthy and full-bodied, without weighting down.
Available in four nuances: SILVER, BLOND, CHESTNUT and RED

Es un champú rico de pigmentos colorantes. Purifica el cabello teñido y
natural, reavivando el color y exaltando su brillo. Otorga cuerpo al cabello,
dejándolo sano y liviano.
Disponible en quatro matices: PLATA – RUBIO – CASTAÑO – ROJO


Apply the product on wet hair, massage and leave
in pose during 5/10 minutes. Rinse and repeat the operation.

For professional use only.

CONTENT: 250 ml


Aplique el producto sobre el cabello mojado, masajee y deje
reposar de 5 a 10 minutos. Enjuage. Repita la operación.
Exclusivo para peluqueros.

ENVASE: bote 250 ml.

In order to receive a discount on this product, you must be a license hairdresser and reside within Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe County.   Please let us know so we can provide the discount information.

Para poder recibir un descuento por este producto, usted necesita tener una licencia de Peluqera  vivir dentro de los condados de Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe.   Por favor dejenos saber para poder darle la informacion de descuento.

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Innovation Enhancing Color Shampoo
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