SODIPRO Reconstructor Thermal Treatment Kit

The Reconstructor Thermal Treatment by SODI PRO is the next generation of the popular Keratin. The exclusive Reconstructor Thermal Rebuilding formula is composed of keratin and wheat germ protein designed to treat and straighten damaged or curly hair in an efficient and long-lasting manner. In addition to repairing damaged hair, the product reduces volume by 80 to 90 percent, on average. The product can be used on virgin hair or may be used over relaxing or common straightening treatments , leaving hair looking straight and hydated. Product is made legally in the USA and complies with all FDA regulations. Great cost-benefit performs between 12 to 18 treatments from a single kit which is composed of a liter Shampoo and the Reconstructor Thermal Treatment.




1) Shampoo hair with Clarifying Shampoo. Use twice for resistant hair.


2) Towel or blow-dry hair, leaving slightly damp.


3) Divide hair into 4 sections. Apply product from roots to end. Do not over saturate hair.


4) Blow Dry each section until hair is completely dry.


5) Once dry, flat iron small section of the hair 4-6 times from roots to ends at 450 fahrenheit to seal the cuticle completely. Its recommended waiting at least 24 hours before shampooing.

SODIPRO Reconstructor Thermal Treatment Kit
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